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About Paramount


In an emergency situation call 911. Yet, the occasion may arise when you have to make a choice in Ambulance Service for a loved one, please use this information on Paramount Ambulance to help you make an informed decision.

Our qualified and dedicated team of professionals has a genuine interest in helping our patients, their families, and the community. Our staff members have years of medical and care giving expertise, and we ensure that they maintain their licenses and advance their skills through continuing education as well.

A Note from Maria Ney
Owner of Paramount Ambulance

Our vision was to provide a premier paramedic service to the Dubuque community that combined our family’s expertise. My career in the health care profession along with my husband’s knowledge of transportation and visionary skills.

The vision has become reality. Furthermore, we have been blessed with the most remarkable caregivers and dedicated employees here at Paramount Ambulance. We believe care, compassion and empathy for the patient and family is paramount.

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